No limit. No compromise.

There is no limit to how far you can go with Wrightspeed.

High-power efficiency.

Electric drive has finally evolved.

Electric drive goes to work.

Engineered from the ground up for durability and payback.

Range? Unlimited.

Because vehicles are meant to go.

Evolving propulsion.

The next way to go is already here.

The Route Repower Kit

The Route is Wrightspeed’s high-power medium-duty powertrain that uses electric drive with an onboard power station for efficiency + range.

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Wrightspeed’s powertrains are designed from the ground up to save fuel while delivering unparalleled performance.

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Wrightspeed Tech

Let’s get technical. Learn more about how Wrightspeed is advancing automotive propulsion.

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Operating Cost Calculator

Miles per day
% of Freeway Driving
$0.08 Operating cost/mile
incl. scheduled maintenance incl brakes excl tires

Fuel Management

  • The Wrightspeed Route provides impressive improvements in fuel economy.
  • The Route can displace a lot of fuel without range limitations.
  • The Route allows a significant part of daily mileage to be driven on inexpensive grid energy.
  • The Route can burn diesel, CNG, LNG, or landfill gases.
  • Depending on drive cycles, fuel use can drop 50% or more.

Asset Management

  • Because the Wrightspeed Route is a repower kit, it presents great advantages in reducing a vehicle’s Total-Cost-to-Operate.
  • Replacing traditional powertrains with the simple Route limits unit down time and greatly reduces overall maintenance costs.
  • The Wrightspeed advanced Vehicle Management System (VMS) allows for easy fleet information management and is built for compatibility with Fleet Information Management software.
  • The Vehicle Dynamics Control System provides silky smooth power delivery. It also provides perfect traction control under severe road conditions, limiting fleet events.

High Power

  • The Route is extremely high-power.
  • 400 hp regenerative braking
  • 11,000 ft/lbs torque
  • 200 hp drive power *software limited for efficiency

Unlimited Range

  • A microturbine generator keeps the Route going all day on diesel, CNG, LNG, or landfill gases.
  • Turbines offer great power-to-weight ratios.
  • The simple turbine architecture makes it extremely durable and easy to maintain.
  • Airlines and powerstations also use turbines for their efficiency and durability.
  • The Route onboard turbine powerstation only operates at its peak efficiency, charging the batteries as needed.

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